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Diamonds, 18 Karat Gold

Maker: Claire Kahn


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Cylindrical glass beads, 18K yellow and faceted gold 'nugget' beads, charms of diamonds set in 18K yellow gold bezels

The charm of this necklace is its versatility. It works on her neck, in any number of different ways, and it works onto her wrist, looped into a what appears to be collection of luminous bracelets. This stunning piece will bring out her natural-born elegance with its own.

Try pairing this alluring beauty with Pale Sapphires Cupped in Gold, for a stunning celebration of pattern and color.

• 43" (109.22cm) length, .375 (.95cm) width

• Could be wrapped 5-6 times around your wrist for a bracelet

• One of a kind

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