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Eye Shine

Eye Shine

Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Brazilian quartz crystal, antique glass eye, vintage African metal and glass beads, coral, hematite, vintage and contemporary glass beads, stones

"When visiting the gem show in Tucson two years ago;" Betsy says, "I started buying Brazilian quartz crystal.  I wanted to radiate something from the eye.  The crystal has been an interesting material to work with.  Without realizing it, when I had my hands immersed in quartz as I selected crystals for my work, my mood lifted.  This happened a few times before I realized it was the quartz.  The eye shine pieces help me find positive energy.  They speak of a radiance that is energetic, directing love from another space to this one." 

•  2.5" approximate height

•  5" approximate width

•  5" approximate depth

•  Sold individually

•  The larger one on the right is sold

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