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For Your Pleasure V Necklace/Bracelet

For Your Pleasure V Necklace/Bracelet

Maker: Claire Kahn

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Cylindrical glass beads

"For Your Pleasure is about cheerful color. Pieces are intended to be fun, playful and easy to wear. They are necklaces that can also be worn as bracelets when wrapped three times around the wrist. Some pieces use complimentary color combinations, including purple and yellow, green and red & blue and orange, that gives the necklaces animation and vibrancy. Others are softer and more mellow in color with little contrast. Patterns vary from chevron to spirals and Lyda pattern. All pieces in the series progress from light to dark, and may be paired or combined, to wear together." - Claire Kahn

Sleek design in an illuminating progression of cool colors are exquisitely accentuated by Kahn in her Lyda pattern as it transitions from light to dark with blue, purple, and white. The satin-like nature of these rich hues together almost evoke a shimmer across its beaded body. Kahn gives the illusion of the passage of light, as she slowly saturates a portion of her piece, flooded with bright pattern and white. On the body, the artist creates an exceptional work of adornment to either wear around the neck or the wrist, perfect for any soul-stirring engagement.

This piece is part of Claire Kahn's mini series, For Your Pleasure.

• 24" (60.96cm) length of necklace/bracelet

• 0.25" (0.64cm) diameter of necklace/bracelet

• One of a kind

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