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Surface Wizardry Brooch & Pendant

Maker: Harold O'Connor

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Oxidized sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, spectrolite (from Finland), 18K granulation

This reticulated brooch with small gold granules is a feat in technique and creativity.  To create the surface Harold used an extremely hot torch with a pin pointed shaped flame. Once the metal surface began to change, Harold moved the torch to create the texture; too close with the flame, he would have burned holes into the surface. Too far away, no pattern would have been created at all. The magical moment to create such a surface was achieved with this one!  This piece is finished with a coin tooth edged frame.

• A box link chain with an adapter that fits over the pin stem, is available for this brooch, allowing you to wear it as a pendant

• 2.20" (5.6cm) length, 1.96" (5cm) width

• 18.75" (47.62cm) length of the chain

• One of a kind


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