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The Little King of the Fields

The Little King of the Fields

Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Broken antique and vintage porcelain doll parts, beads, Brazilian quartz crystal

The Little Kings live both on and below the surface of the Earth.  Their crystal crowns speak of the subterranean realms they move through.  As with any kingship, the greatest job of the Little King is to be a fair ruler to all his subjects.

"I made a conscious decision with these pieces to weave a story around who they are" says the artist. 

"The more we break apart our concept of what it is to be human the more we open ourselves up to the worlds and energies that surround us just beyond our reach.  The glimpse we get out of the corner of our eyes may be "real" things that just haven't found their way into our conscious understanding of reality.  Surrealism lets us imagine possibilities.  It opens and expands our grasp of what real can be." 

• 15"  approximate height

• 7" approximate width

• 6.5" approximate depth

• Piece can be positioned in multiple ways

• One of a kind



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