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Turquoise & Tsavorite Bracelet

Maker: Peter Schmid~Atelier Zobel

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Sterling silver, 22K & 24K yellow gold, turquoise 34.35 ctw, tsavorite 0.65 ctw, diamonds 

Sweet, exotic, sultry intoxication captures the soul in Peter Schmid's expressive design. The artist sculpts his composition amongst the lustrous crossroads of silver and high karat gold. Admire their light and playful joust as they run hand in hand across this piece. Diamonds twinkle in the periphery as the eye makes its way to the core of Schmid's work. A bright turquoise is set in the petaled grasp of precious metal. Almost as if a gentle flower, waiting for the full rise of the morning sun. Just above, Schmid lovingly sets a dark green tsavorite stone, crowing his artful masterpiece. Elegantly fitted around the wrist, the heart fills with joy and fascination. Mesmerized by the extraordinary mind of the maker.

Shown with: Tsavorite & Turquoise Ring, Tourmaline & Peridot Earrings, Moonstone & Diamond Brooch and Sterling Silver Cord

• 2.50" (6.35cm) length of bracelet

• 1.68" (4.27cm) width of bracelet

• 1.50" (3.81cm) length of stone

• 1.25" (3.17cm) width of stone

• 0.46" (1.16cm) depth of stone

• One of a kind

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