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October 13 – November 12 2017

A Friendship Forged in Gold. Claire Kahn & Andrew Fisher


Luxurious jewelry by Claire Kahn & gilded tapestries by Andrew Fisher


Claire Kahn and Andrew Fisher share a highly sophisticated approach to design that blends a passion for pattern and geometry with a love of luxurious materials and craftsmanship. Each piece in the show has a relationship to gold.

The two have been friends and creatively entwined for more than 20 years. Patina Gallery presents these two incomparable artists in an exclusive exhibition. Andrew puts it this way:


“Claire and I both share a love of handmade objects, in particular intricate handmade objects. Obviously we both love the spiritual side of working with our hands in repetitive ways. Gold inspires us because of its association with illumination, mystical power and glamour.”


Andrew blends his love of metal and sculpture. Using canvas, steel and paper, he creates intricately sewn tapestries. The artist, who divides his time between San Francisco and San Miguel de Allende, hand gilds the tapestries in 24-carat gold leaf, sometimes adding a glaze of oil paint.

Claire, a favorite among Santa Fe jewelry collectors, is Andrew’s creative partner in this exhibition. For her new collection, Claire uses seed beads of 24-karat gold over glass and chooses high-karat yellow gold, diamonds and other fine-colored gems to embellish her necklaces and bracelets.


See Claire Kahn in the studio

The revealing NEW interview with Claire Kahn by the editors of American Craft.



“We are in some small way making the world a more beautiful place.”



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