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December 26 – December 27, 2018

Recreo - Winter 2018


Recreo San Miguel is here for the holidays at Patina Gallery.

Indulge in a new selection of garments, brought to you from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


Last year, Allison and Ivan took a trip to San Miguel de Allende. While there, they met Lisa and Miguel, founders of Recreo San Miguel.Together they realized that Patina and Recreo are an organic fit; a pairing of aesthetics, philosophy and dynamism that offers contemporary beauty and soul-stirring works.

Recreo bridges the traditional garments of Latin America with their vision to inspire new meaning and relevance to the classic serape, poncho and vest for men and women alike. Refined, sophisticated and elegant, the garments of Recreo San Miguel are sure to fulfill your holiday season and a fresh look into the New Year.


Allison & Ivan of Patina Gallery Invite you to view Recreo’s Holiday Collection

Wednesday & Thursday
December 26th & 27th 2018
10:30 - 5:30PM
131 W Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, NM

“Like a great building, great fashion requires a keen understanding of form, line, material and use”
Recreo San Miguel


For more information on the work, please email:

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Top shot: Recreo San Miguel. Story Models: Allison Barnett, Jocelyn Montoya, Nansy Carson. Location: Jacona, NM. Garments: Recreo San Miguel. Jewelry: Claire Kahn.

December 26 – December 27, 2018

Recreo - Winter 2018