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June – September 2022

Season of Blue

Ivan & Allison Barnett proudly present

We invite you to indulge your senses and fuel your souls with unparalleled collections of art featuring masterful makers and their works, celebrating the universal power of blue.


“I was alone and singularly free, working into my own, unknown—no one to satisfy but myself. I began with charcoal and paper and decided not to use any color until it was impossible to do what I wanted to do in black and white. I believe it was June before I needed blue”
Georgia O’Keeffe


In summer of 2021 as thoughts began to take shape for our 2022 season, fortuitously, into the gallery walked the divine operatic soprano Angel Blue searching for Patina jewels for her debut on the Santa Fe Opera stage. A significant moment of magical kinship formed at deep heart levels. Friendship flourished and a bond of trust started to grow. “I would not realize until later that the moment would inform the meaning of the year which Patina is embarking upon.”—Ivan Barnett.

We have embraced friendships that have passed through our doors since our inception in 1999. From artist to collector, every relationship has enriched our lives with deep intention. Now more than ever, we are grateful for these unforgettable connections and treasure the friendships that continue to stir our souls.

“After 23 years and the world continues to transform, I find myself reflecting on the meaningful and long-lasting connections that have enriched my life. More than two decades as the creative director of Patina, I know the heart of Patina is our incalculable friendships that walk through our doors and continually enhance who we are every day”
Ivan Barnett


This 2022 Summer Season is dedicated to our continued friendships, inspired by our now dear friend, Angel Blue. Celebrating one of the most brilliant colors in the artist’s palette, we are proud and excited to bring you exhibitions, collections, and events from master metalsmith Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel to renaissance artist, Claire Kahn, mixed media artist, Ivan Barnett, and many more—all inspired by the universal power of blue.

Watch the Mindful Meditation
to accompany the exhibition


Join us this summer season, a season symbolizing hope and rebirth for so many, represented in the breathtaking beauty and composition of unparalleled works of art.

Discover a stunning array of works, collections & exhibitions for Season of Blue that steep the senses.

Thanks to Angel Blue for reminding us, once again, that the essence of Patina is the blue sky of hope inherent in friendships.


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Main, Lower Image & Homepage Film Images: Soprano, Angel Blue.
Photo: Dario Acosta.

June – September 2022

Season of Blue