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Lost Rider

Lost Rider

Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Antique glass eyes, antique porcelain doll parts, vintage and contemporary glass beads, stones, sections of antique beaded purses

Betsy says of Lost Rider, "The animal as messenger has always fascinated me.  I love it when an unusual animal encounter is loaded with symbolic personal meaning.  Ted Andrew's Animal Speak is a well loved and worn book of mine.  That said, Lost Rider speaks of the sure footed goat that carries his ward safely through rough terrain.  The rider isn't ever truly lost.  For those of us who have felt lost and unsure, Lost Rider is a reminder to trust our own abilities to climb safely one foot at a time." 

•  18" approximate height

•  13" approximate width

•  5" approximate depth

•  One of a kind

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