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The Flower Summoner

The Flower Summoner

Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Mixed media

"The Flower Summoner," says Betsy, "is part of the Woman of the Woods Series. They are fierce protectors of the wild flora and fauna that inhabit northern climates.  Her particular job is to call forth the plants and encourage them to bud and flower.  After the three pieces in this series were created it was brought to my attention that I was creating versions of Beaivi.  In Sami myth, she travels with her daughter Beaivi-nieida through the sky in an enclosure covered by reindeer bones, bringing green plants and animals.  She was also called upon to restore the mental health of those who went insane because of the continual darkness of the long winter. The Woman of the Woods is an archetypal theme that wanted to be expressed through these pieces." 

• 22" approximate height

• 15" approximate width

•  6" approximate depth

•  One of a kind

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