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Tracings Pink & Aqua Necklace

Tracings Pink & Aqua Necklace

Maker: Brooke Marks-Swanson

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Fine leather knitted, oxidized sterling silver, 23K gold leaf

Captivated by the tactile, utilitarian qualities of the basket and other historically significant manifestations from the fiber arts, artist, Brooke Marks-Swanson seeks to interpret that purpose through her contemporary works of adornment. 

Soft effulgence beckons our curiosity, brilliantly contrived from Swanson's imagination. Hues of bright pink, purple, teal, silver and umber leave one's eye awash with cheerful fascination. Carefully, the artist knits her designed intention. Upon its lithe form, Swanson impressively knits another layer of teal upon the base of white, pink and umber fields, giving the piece a further dimension of intrigue and attractive wonder. Elatedly framed to the side of the work, she adheres darkened silver discs, some brushed in abundance with lustrous gold leaf. To its pleasing pair, she knits a slight extension, giving her piece an asymmetrical lure while highlighting her silvery motif with mint and ochre. A lovely compilation of lavish composition. A work of artistry for one to adore. 

• 19" (48.26cm) length of necklace

• 3.25" (8.26cm) maximum width of necklace

• 14" (35.56cm) diameter of inside neckline

• Silver button, knitted toggle clasp

• One of a kind

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