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Color Block Necklace

Color Block Necklace

Maker: Brooke Marks-Swanson

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Fine leather knitted, oxidized sterling silver

Captivated by the tactile, utilitarian qualities of the basket and other historically significant manifestations from the fiber arts, artist, Brooke Marks-Swanson seeks to interpret that purpose through her contemporary works of adornment.

Here, she knits a leather laden masterpiece to comfortably wear around the neck. Its soft, smooth surfaces are palpable to the touch as they are an array of delight to behold. From the thicket of purple, to rustic umber, hues gracefully join hands to silken white and cerulean blue. A stream of yellow purveys the core of this stitched terrain. Skillfully, Swanson progresses the piece to a pool of white to then be distinguished next to deep eggplant. A compelling, complex texture to adorn its surface, she places undulated, darkened silver discs to lay at the bottom of the work. Light as a feather, the piece comes on and off with an easy tug of the magnetic clasp. A peaceful drape upon the body, the work remains a feast for the eye. Quite a dynamic and abstract beauty to discover and ever a treasure to wear. 

• 17" (43.18cm) length of necklace

• 4.25" (10.80cm) maximum width of necklace

• 13" (33.02cm) diameter of inside neckline

• Rare earth magnet clasp

• One of a kind

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